Sheu, outdoors, smiling, wearing glasses, white-on-navy polka dot shirt and blue blazer

Sherri Sheu

Haas Curatorial Fellow

Sheu is joining the curatorial affairs team to contribute to public-facing interpretive projects including physical and digital exhibitions. Sheu’s research examines the National Park Service’s responses to social movements of the long 1960s. Sheu is co-editing a forthcoming volume on big-box stores and environmental history.

Stories from Sherri Sheu

comic book illustration

Superheroes, Science, and the Environment

This ExhibitLab display highlights the unexpected connections between the pages of comic books and real-life environmental issues.

colorful board game

Playing Dirty

This digital and outdoor exhibition explores the intersections of environmentalism, education, and fun with board games from the 1970s.

$10 bill from the Smog board game

Money Talks

Applying numismatics to environmental board games.