Nandini smiling wearing their short curly hair down. There is a brick wall behind them.

Nandini Subramaniam

Gallery Guide

Nandini’s background is in bioarchaeology and art history and they have also studied the development of medical science and its impact on human interactions with each other and the material world. They have conducted archaeological research for projects in the United States, Canada, and Romania and have worked in the curatorial departments of the Wellin Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art.
As a gallery guide at the Institute, their research interests are in the relationship between colonial expansion, popular culture, and the development of medicine during the 19th century.

Stories from Nandini Subramaniam

bottle of liquid medicine with a box

Varsity Tutors: History of Women’s Health Care

Join us for a free virtual class examining the evolution of women’s health care from the 1800s through today.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Poisonous Plants

Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories from 1887 to 1927 open a window to the history of medicine and empire.

Collage showing natural history illustrations and newspaper clippings

The Problem of Piltdown Man

Seduced by a racist idea, archaeologists hyped an outrageous hoax.